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The Inner Journey

Learning to Enter your Inner World




You may surprised to find that, if you can relax into a place just beyond the dominance of the mind, something shocking appears.


It turns out that you have a SURREAL MOVIE playing inside you at all times!

A visually unique world has been growing within you throughout the course of your life.


It's characters have been developing and they have been moving you. This movie has given rise to your specific reactions to the world.  It has influenced your choices during your waking life, even while you have been unaware of it. 

For example, when you feel "triggered" or scared, you are often touching part of this deep story. 

This surreal movie is your INNER STORY, your INNER IDENTITY, or your BODY STORY.


The Inner Journey can REVEAL the hidden stories that are running in the background of your life, and moving you from your unconscious depths. 


The only way to discover what lives inside YOU is to JOURNEY within

Enter the zone

The inner story lives at the INTERFACE between your physical sensations and your emotions.

When this zone is contacted in a meditative state, it can reveal it's content to the mind.

Under the right circumstances, this kinaesthetic experience rapidly transforms into a visual, SYMBOLIC experience.


This state must be entered by shutting off the mind.

What will I See?

You can't know what's there until you go look for yourself.


Our rich Inner Landscapes are populated by characters and themes that are completely unique to each of us. 

The possibilities are endless.  Some of us have oceans, or forests within. Some have heroes and villains, fearless strong warriors, and goddesses. We might find elderly wise men or small, shy children or wisps of light. Animals often abound. There could also be robots, monsters and masks.

The Inner Journey brings us to the depths of our stories which unconsciously define us. They seed our identities and are as unique as we are.

So how do we get in there?

Mainly, relax.

There is a specific place we're trying to go, where the mind is not the ruler.

You can only get there if you relax... a lot.  


Don't worry. You can't do it wrong. I'll take you there.

Breathing Meditation
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