Identity Work Part 1.

The Inner Journey

Let's see what's really in there.

Your Story, as you know it, thus far.

Most of us can tell a story about who we are. We can share our narrative.


We can talk about our qualities, our likes and dislikes, our experiences, histories, alliances, or missions.


These are our beliefs, opinions, ideas, or judgements about ourselves.

If you try to discern where these all live within you, you might locate them in your head. You might notice that these are all mental constructs. They are thoughts.


If we go a little deeper, we can talk about our feelings.  We feel sensations in our bodies and we identify them as happiness, or sadness or anger. We can be in awe or overwhelmed. We can be scared or depressed. 

If you put the ideas together with the feelings, you can tell quite a compelling narrative about who you are. This is what you might call your Personal Identity.  It's a sum of these stories. It's who you have decided that you are based on your thoughts and feelings. 


The funny thing about the identity is that it is always changing.  As you have new experiences and react to the world around you and make decisions about what you see, hear, or feel, you might feel like a changing person. You might define yourself differently. 

But what makes you have those exact reactions to the world around you?  Why do you like gardening and not skydiving, or vice versa?  Why do particular things make YOU angry and not your neighour?  Why do certain things push YOUR buttons, and not everyone's buttons?

It's because there is a level that is deeper than your thoughts or your feelings.

You may think you know your

Inner Story,

but I promise you, just a little deeper... 


Your Surreal Movie Within

You may surprised to find that, if you relax into a place just beyond the dominance of the mind, something shocking appears.


It turns out that a SURREAL MOVIE has been playing inside of you your whole life, and, most likely, you didn't know it!

A unique world has been growing within you throughout the course of your life.


It's characters have been moving you and have given rise to your specific reactions to the world.  It has influenced your choices during your waking life, even while you have been unaware of it. 

This surreal movie is your INNER STORY / INNER IDENTITY or your BODY STORY.


The only way to discover what lives inside YOU is to JOURNEY within

So how do we get in there?
First of all, Relax.

There is a specific place we're trying to go, where the mind can is not the ruler.

You can only get there if you relax... a lot.  

Don't worry. I'll take you there.

You can't do it wrong.

Breathing Meditation

Enter the Inner Story zone

This place, where the inner story lives, is at the INTERFACE of the body-mind and the emotions.

It's a kinaesthetic and symbolic place.  It's mostly nonverbal, so it's a state that must be ENTERED by shutting off the mind.

This is the realm of your authentic Inner Storyline. 

What you'll find on your
Inner Journey

The Inner Journey brings us to the depths of our body stories.


These are the stories that unconsciously define us.  They seed our conscious identities. 


This is a realm that is rich with Inner Landscapes, populated by characters and themes that are completely unique to each of us. 

Some of us have oceans, or forests within. There are heroes and villains, fearless strong warriors, and goddesses. We might find elderly wise men or small, shy children or wisps of light. Animals often abound. There could also be robots, monsters and masks.

You can't know what's there until you go look for yourself.

The goal of Inner Story DISCOVERY is to REVEAL the stories that are running in the background of your life, and moving you from your unconscious depths. 

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Unfortunately, most of us will never know the nature of our internal films. We are never taught how to access them.  And yet, our Inner Stories will influence our reactions to any life circumstance.


We may think we are arbitrarily reacting to any given circumstance, when we are, in fact, triggering our Inner Story, which is yearning to be seen.

Once you know what is emerging from your Inner Story, you will have the power to own the narrative