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with your Inner world.

Credit: Art Dimitra Milan & Gif George Redhawk

Exploring your Inner Landscape

Chosing a Direction

After a few sessions of inner travel, we begin to get the hang of how to ENTER the inner world. 


At first, we get only glimpses of the world within. However, within a short period of time, we can chose the direction of the exploration. 

We can decide to stay in one sensation longer or pass it by.

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Interacting with What you See

You see something

After wandering around for a bit, eventually, something will catch your attention in a special way. 

Now the trick is not to scare it away.

I help you keep a good distance from it so that it doesn't run away.
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Credit: Raphael Oliveira

You listen to it

If you just let it be what it is, give it space, give it time, have a welcoming attitude, don't judge it, and don't insist, it will often tell you something.

I help you create the conditions for your inner characters to reveal something to you. (Although this does not always happen, and it's ok when it doesn't.)

Credit: Tara Madden

What you see is not Always Friendly

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Feeling Safe

Sometimes, our visions can feel scary, especially if there is a lot of trauma in the story. I help you find a safe place, even when something scary shows up.

I help you maintain the right emotional attitude for it to be able to tell you something.

Befriending the Foe

When you feel safe enough to face the scary parts, often times, you can befriend them. 

I help you face the scary parts when you feel ready.

From foe to Ally

Sometimes, the scariest, ugliest, meanest parts of our inner landscapes give us the greatest gifts. We can often garner great strength when we make peace with what seems to be an enemy at first glance.

I help you to not reject what seems ugly so you can receive it's gifts.

It's all about Learning to Love

Image by Paolo Bendandi

So much of the art and power of this work consists in fostering  a LOVING RELATIONSHIP with ourselves.


It's the art of discovering a self love that feels good. People are often used to a "Love" that can feel smothering, invasive, rushed, insistent, or problem-solving.


Through this process, we learn to find a love within that feels soothing, comforting, freeing, accepting, spacious, and not rushed. 


It's the work of finding the perfect distance,

not running away, or beating ourselves up.

It's all actually an exercise in finding and allowing the love that lives within all of us.

In truth, striking this Goldilocks, authentic relationship with ourselves, is what allows the magic to happen, the beings to speak, and the foes to become allies. 

Guidance for Different Levels

These trips are not really 'guided' in the typical sense of the word. The guidance is more like companionship. It's more of a sherpa's role. The trip is always yours. You are in charge of where you go.

For the Beginner

Although it may not seem so, there is nothing esoteric about this process. This experience is really the natural result of deep relaxation.  Anyone can do it but guidance can be helpful to shepherd a beginner into noticing the moment when they enter this state.


For the Expert

For the seasoned meditator or therapist, a non-obtrusive companionship while in this state can help anchor the experience.  Compared to a solo voyage, knowing someone has your back in this realm can really allow you to fly.

“Your task is not to seek for love,

but merely to seek and find

all the barriers within yourself

that you have built against it.” 

               ― Rumi

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