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Finding your Core Theme

Noticing where all the Roads lead. 

Recurring Stories Within

If one returns to the Inner World often enough, one starts to notice a pattern.  

Our various inner heroes and villains seem to have the same underlying motivations. They deal with the same dilemmas. All the roads lead to the same place.

Our Inner Stories have
recurring themes. 

With repeated
sessions of expanded consciousness,
the Core Theme

Your Core THEMES are usually some dilemma

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All your visions will usually boil down to one or two essential dilemmas that you must reconcile within yourself in order to move forward. 


Typical dilemmas are the fight between good and evil, or freedom vs. enslavement or control vs. submission or power vs. powerlessness, optimism vs despondency, vigour vs. exhaustion, justice vs. injustice, etc.


Once you identify it, you will notice that you see your theme everywhere in your life - at work, in relationships, in society, in government.  These few basic conflicts will be in the backdrop of all your life activities. After you identify it, It will seem obvious.

You'll suddenly see how you distill every situation in your waking life into "a fight between good and evil" or "the little guy against the Goliath", or whatever your theme might be.

You'll be able to see the root of what bothers you or scares you, or makes you angry in the things you observe in waking life. 

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Core Theme Example

To find the core theme of a person's life, we simply need to notice the common thread running through all the varied topics in their sessions. 

comon thread.jpg

Sample Theme


In one expanded consciousness session, a person might see a very small child being chastised by a large man. In another session, they might see a frog fleeing in fear of being inevitably stepped on. In a third session, they might see a tiny light incapable of shining fully and fading into a dark abyss.


While all of these are very different scenarios, the client would nevertheless recognise the same feeling as they live out the scene - a sense of powerlessness, a barely there feeling.  


In waking life, this person might feel powerless at their core. They might feel incapable of changing their circumstances. They might find themselves with a boss that feels overpowering. They might have a husband or wife who bullies them. Their children might feel unmanageable as they feel too small to handle them.

Their core theme is small powerlessness vs large powerfulness.

Reaching the Core

Working with the Core Theme is very deep work. We're touching bottom. We're at the place that makes you tick, the core of the ego, or the personality.  We found your deeply entrenched beliefs that trigger your habitual reactions to life's dramas.


It's what you walk into a room with, before you're even had the chance to experience an event.  It's what gives you that sense in life of,

"Wherever you go,
there you are."

Your world mirrors your theme and you can change what you see.

When you realise that you have been colouring your life experiences according to your core theme, you also realise how moldable your life experience is.


You no longer feel at the mercy of a random world, but rather, the creator of your world.


You understand that you have the power to see with different eyes, look through a different lens.


You are no longer beholden to see the world through your core theme.


You can author your life. You can flip the script. 

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