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Purchase a gift card

Gift Someone a truly Unique Experience

Would you like someone to try Natural Tripping / Identity Work?  This is a great way to start someone on the path to change. It's also a nice way to just let someone experience something outside of the ordinary.  This could be just the gift for that friend who really has everything.  It's also a wonderful gift for that loved one who has just been stuck in the same story for so long. 

How it works

Choose the 80 minute option for someone new to Natural Tripping / Identity Work.

Choose the 50 minute option for friends who have already done this a few times.

You will be asked for your name, the recipient's name and their email. The gift card will be emailed to them. 

When they decide they want to book a session, they can choose the date that works for them on my calendar.


When it's time for payment, just insert the code from the gift card at the checkout.

It's super easy.

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