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Focusing is an amazingly gentle and incredibly profound body-oriented modality that allows greater integration of mind, body and spirit.  It is an ineffable, experiential process that is largely self-directed; however, the presence of a practitioner can be critical to help facilitate the process and allow for insights to emerge in a way that would be difficult to achieve solo.


Carla is a master practitioner and truly a teacher of teachers.  She is gifted with an innate intuitive sense that she combines with her rigorous training as a Naturopathic physician.  Carla has the ability to hold the space in a very deep way and interject with the right questions at the right times in ways that are incredibly generative.  


Many times, sessions with her have a magical, other-worldly quality to them almost as if one has traveled to other realms.  For me personally, it has allowed me to tap into sources of wisdom within myself, enabled greater integration of parts and facilitated deep healing.


I consider myself truly lucky to have been able to work with Carla as a mentor, practitioner and teacher and I cannot recommend her enough!

-- NJ, New York

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